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Because Work Is Personal

Welcome to the GVG Virtual Greenhouse

At this pivot point in human history, current events are accelerating our need to figure out the future of work

Work and home life were already converging globally with digital nomads, remote workforce and cross border contractors.  Employees were already looking for meaning and higher purpose in their job and expecting leaders to be more authentic. The pandemic just sped up this process. The figurative “Genie” is now out of the bottle. Our employees will not allow us to go back to the old ways of management and workplace “norms”.

Now is the time to experiment and find new hybrid versions of our work models and business strategies that come together in a more humanistic way. Together we can find the new normal, because whether we like it or not, in the new world, work is now personal.  And we need to develop the mindsets, strategies and tools to work and lead in a different way.

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“When patterns are broken, new worlds emerge.”
—Tuli Kupferberg

The GVG Greenhouse is a place of collaboration and experimentation where we learn together and develop plans for creating new mindsets, purpose, business strategies and skills for the future. Every company is different.  Let’s figure out what this shift means for your organization as we come out of the post-pandemic era.

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“Your life does not get better by chance, it gets better by change.”
—Jim Rohn


We are at a turning point of evolution for humanity and we need leaders and people who are elevating their levels of awareness and how the world will work in the future. Because like it or not, work is now very personal and that requires new types of thinking for our future.