How GVG can help

GVG coaches and facilitators meet clients where they are to begin the process of change. What makes GVG solutions effective is they bring in the latest thinking, research and tools around a humanistic approach to leadership effectiveness and personal development.

Why Choose GVG?

We are dedicated to inspiring and guiding leaders to become the best versions of themselves, leading great teams and organizations that inspire the world.  We specialize in building capabilities around emotional intelligence, adaptive communication, and helping leaders create environments that attract and retain top talent.

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Customized Approach

We tailor our coaching and advisory services to fit the unique needs of your organization’s culture. It’s not a one-size-fits-all approach, but a flexible, problem-solving partnership.

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Guided Empowerment

We empower leaders to find their own best path for change and growth through guided coaching, reflection and action. We examine awareness, choice, actions, mindset and behaviors.

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Real-World Application

Our approach is practical and grounded in real-world scenarios leaders face, not just abstract theories. Topics are often current challenges and barriers to success today.

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Holistic Methodology

While focused on immediate outcomes, we also cultivate the mindset, behavior change and growth required for sustainable results.

“A workplace that encourages self-awareness is an environment where the most productive, curious, and innovative people thrive.”
—Neil Blumenthal

Our Solutions

Executive and Leader Coaching

Elevate leadership skills to navigate complexity, drive change, and guide teams through uncertainty. Through assessments, goal-setting and coaching conversations, we enable self-directed leader development aligned to your objectives.

Team Coaching and Facilitation

Transform team obstacles into opportunities for high performance. We assess team dynamics, goals and effectiveness, then partner with you on targeted solutions to build emotional intelligence, communication and productive team behaviors.

High Performance Group Coaching

Invest in your high-potential team members to build effective leadership skills through our group coaching program. Monthly sessions on key topics like influence, engagement and execution help align development to your strategic capability needs.

Assessments: Individuals + Teams

Get objective insights into leadership and team strengths to identify high potential areas of growth. We offer Birkman, Genos and many other assessments, which pair best with ongoing coaching to create actionable growth plans.

Workshops, Conferences, Keynotes

Inspire your audience with interactive workshops and keynotes on leading through change, igniting purpose and motivation, and building emotional intelligence. We customize content to prompt meaningful reflection and growth.

When leaders regularly display vulnerability, their employees are 5.3X more likely to trust them. Furthermore, when leaders genuinely acknowledge their failures or shortcomings, they were 7.5X more likely to maintain trust over those that did not.

-2023 DDI Global Leadership Forecast

Key Benefits of Partnering with GVG

Enhance leadership effectiveness, emotional intelligence and change resilience

Improve team collaboration, engagement, innovation and business results

Align leader and team development with your most pressing strategic challenges

Attract and retain top talent seeking to work with emotionally intelligent, high-performing teams

Create a coaching culture of empowerment, accountability and continuous growth

Let us guide your people in becoming their best selves while multiplying leadership wisdom across your organization. Together, we can build inspired leaders and teams achieving exponential impact.

“The attendance was high, engagement during the webinar was high and the survey results demonstrated how much staff enjoyed the experience.”
– Maura McGrath, MA, CHC
Chief Compliance and Privacy Officer