High Performance Group Coaching

Developing high-potential leaders across your organization is key for succession planning and strategic growth. However, lack of cross-departmental collaboration and siloed development approaches can limit leaders’ effectiveness.

Our High Performance Academy brings together leaders from different departments and functions for a uniquely collaborative leadership development experience. Over 6-12 months, we facilitate connection, peer learning, and growth through monthly group coaching sessions focused on key topics like communication, influence, team engagement and strategy execution.

Participants gain self-awareness, build critical skills, expand peer networks, and develop cross-functional relationships. Organizations gauge bench strength, enhance succession pipelines, and align development to strategic capability needs.

Our Unique Approach

We focus on the whole person, assessing goals, skill gaps, relational abilities, and accountability. Our programs customize the curriculum to address organizational and team needs first. Facilitated peer learning sessions foster collaboration while tiered offerings provide flexibility.


Assess personal goals, skill gaps, relationship abilities, and accountability


Customize curriculum based on organizational and team needs


Facilitate peer-to-peer learning in a flexible group setting


Provide ongoing support through individual coaching (in upper tiers)


Track progress and provide updates to sponsors

Our group coaching sessions, accommodating 8-16 participants, delve into crucial topics each month, focusing on practical application over theoretical concepts. Our tiered offerings allow for flexibility based on team size, focus areas, and the desired level of support.

Tiers of Transformation: Choose Your Path to Excellence

Tier 1 - Basic Group Coaching Program

Tier 1 - Basic Group Coaching Program

  • 8-16 participants
  • Monthly group sessions (2-4 hours)
  • Curriculum covers one topic per month
  • 6-12 month program
  • Champion report summarizing outcomes

Tier 2 - Group Coaching Plus Assessments

Tier 2 - Group Coaching Plus Assessments

  • Tier 1 offerings, plus:
  • Birkman assessment and debrief for all participants
  • Leadership or Emotional Intelligence 360 assessment
  • Quarterly updates to program sponsor

Tier 3 - Comprehensive Group Coaching

Tier 3 - Comprehensive Group Coaching

  • Tier 2 offerings, plus:
  • Monthly 1:1 coaching for all participants
  • Between session support
  • Optional repeat 360 assessment

What Sets Us Apart

  • Seasoned coaches who have held leadership roles successfully themselves
  • Expertise in emotional intelligence and other common derailers
  • Customized focus based on group and organizational needs
  • Regular reporting on actions taken by the group back to champion or program sponsor
  • Tiered model allows for budget flexibility
  • Ongoing support and accountability between sessions

Traditional training averages a 22% increase in productivity. Training combined with coaching increases productivity to 88%.

-Public Personnel Management (Olivero, Bane, Kopelman)

Invest in Your Teams, Reap the Rewards

Elevate your organization’s leadership and culture through connection, accountability, and growth. Each month, participants learn and apply new skills in areas like organizational communication, conflict resolution, and change management. They then report back to their peers on how they implemented these learnings and the business impact.

With regular peer accountability and real-time application of emerging leadership competencies, your executives will lead with confidence. They will propel your company towards excellence while accelerating their own development.

Let’s create a tailored High Performance Academy for your teams and pave the way for inspired leaders and an empowered workforce ready to build a better future.


54% of leaders say they want professional coaching while only 24% want internal coaching.


Group coaching combines the best of professional coaching, peer support and training with direct application to the business!

“Our experience added value to the business, and we would recommend Shannon and her team to any organization looking to improve their strategies and leadership practices.”
– Ron Cryer