Team Coaching and Facilitation

In an increasingly complex business landscape, even the most cohesive teams struggle to align priorities, drive engagement, and adapt to change. Remote and hybrid dynamics further complicate collaboration and innovation. Without purposeful intervention, turf wars, unclear direction, and communication breakdowns can derail productivity.

Even when working in-office, teams grapple with shifting strategies, integrating new technologies, and managing interpersonal challenges. This turbulence impacts productivity, innovation, and business results.

Our team coaching and facilitation help teams to transform these obstacles into opportunities. Through a customized engagement, we partner with you and your team to set a foundation for sustainable high performance. Our proprietary process assesses team dynamics, goals alignment, and effectiveness. We then co-create targeted solutions with the leader and team to build emotional intelligence, improve communication, and shape productive team behaviors that can create and execute on the strategy and vision of the organization.

What makes our approach unique:

Customized to your organization and team culture

Practical real-world application for your business context

Experienced coaches guide team members both individually and as a group

Holistic view integrates mindsets, behaviors, and skills development

Focus on emotional intelligence to multiply leadership effectiveness

Inspires hope while driving empowerment and accountability

Our Process:

This structured process ensures focus on critical team issues and operating context. Instead of generic, one-size-fits all programs, we tailor engagements to solve your actual problems, not just hold “feel good” sessions. With disciplined measurement of progress, we spotlight what works while pivoting where needed.

Phase 1: Assess

Phase 1: Assess

We conduct in-depth assessment through 1:1 interviews, evaluations of team effectiveness, communication style analysis, and other diagnostics. This provides clarity on core problems and their business impact.

Phase 2: Design

Phase 2: Design

Leveraging assessment findings, we work with the team to create a customized action plan. This can include defining metrics, facilitating team norms, aligning behaviors to strategy, and targeted skill-building among other things.

Phase 3: Implement

Phase 3: Implement

The team receives individual and group coaching to ingrain new habits and overcome limitations. We track progress on key metrics and behaviors, removing barriers in real-time. Optional reassessments quantify growth.

70% of the variance in team engagement is determined solely by the manager – people don’t leave organizations, they leave managers.


Common Outcomes Experienced:

Through coaching, clients experience improved business results powered by aligned, engaged teams equipped to navigate complexity.

Leaders enhance their influence and relationship abilities while modeling productive behaviors.

Teams can shift from working groups to actual high performing teams.

Ultimately, this helps the organization to attract and retain top talent who want to work on high performing teams and ensure results follow.

Coaching can transform teams into resilient, collaborative units that lead organizations to thrive in turbulent times.

We guide your people in becoming their best selves while multiplying leadership wisdom across the organization.

The outcome is a team and culture poised to drive growth and innovation.

“Shannon helped me facilitate our last strategic leadership forum and throughout navigated our executive team through complex subject matter in a highly engaging way that enabled us to make key decisions needed to grow our business.”
– Kim Schwendeman
Chief of Staff