Business today moves at warp speed, yet many leaders lack self-awareness around their leadership blind spots. This disconnect impacts relationships, morale, and results. Assessments can shine a light on different viewpoints and styles along with areas of development for leaders and teams.

Combining assessments with 1:1 or team coaching unlocks additional value. We guide leaders and teams to interpret results and identify actions and behaviors that will support goals and leader growth. Using assessments can help leaders identify habits or actions that are keeping them from reaching their goals. We also provide support and accountability as plans are executed.

For coaching programs, we view assessments as a starting point for growth. We also offer stand alone assessments, often used for job candidate evaluation in addition to development. Our goal is to inspire hope, empower change, and drive connection using assessments to support leaders and the business.

Assessments we utilize include:

  • Genos Emotional Intelligence Tools – Measure emotional intelligence competencies critical for leadership, relationships, and wellbeing
  • Birkman Method – Identifies productive usual and unproductive stress behaviors along with underlying needs (motivators)
  • Checkpoint 360° – Measures leadership competencies through the eyes of others to expose strengths and improvement areas
  • Genos Emotional Culture Index – Benchmarks collective organization or team emotions and their impact
  • Enneagram – Used for deeper, more personal self awareness work
  • Team Assessments – Show behaviors and routines of working teams

Conducting these assessments requires certifications showing dedication to emotional intelligence and leadership models. Our coaches pursue ongoing development to remain qualified partners.

Typical outcomes from assessments include:

Increased self-awareness of behaviors impacting effectiveness

Recognition of blind spots that undermine relationships

Benchmarking team dynamics and productive conflict

Mapping development plans to competencies and behaviors

” One of the highlights of working with Shannon was the Birkman Assessment. An eye-opening experience, the assessment helped me gain clarity around my usual strengths, but really drove home how unmet needs can create stressors for me. It completely changed my approach to my daily tasks, my leadership style, and my communication style. I’m far more intentional when communicating with my team, and I’m much happier at work.”

– Jennifer McLucas
Principal, Jennifer McLucas Public Relations