Workshops + Conferences + Keynotes

We understand the challenge conference organizers face when curating an event agenda that motivates, educates, and inspires their audience. Selecting the right keynote speaker, presentation or workshop goes beyond finding an expert on a timely topic—you need someone who makes an authentic connection and prompts self-reflection and growth.  We have decades of experience guiding leaders through disruption. Our keynotes unleash emotion, humor, and call-to-action to equip leaders for the challenges ahead. From leading diverse teams and directing change to improving hybrid collaboration and driving self awareness, our keynotes tackle leadership pain points head on.

Our interactive workshops and retreats also help leaders tap into the common pain points faced by today’s leaders and workforce. We discuss the mindsets and capabilities that leaders need in order to foster cultures where people thrive. And when a morning keynote and afternoon workshop are tied together, the growth can be exponential. Participants walk away feeling motivated to lead more courageously. And organizers walk away with rave attendee reviews.

Conference and Internal Workshops

We customize workshops and keynotes specifically for your audience, iterating it with you along the way to set just the right tone! Below are a few popular topics, some of which also have participant assessments included.

Emotional Intelligence

Participants learn about the science behind E.I., why it matters, and how to build their own skills to improve relationships, effectiveness and wellbeing. 

Purpose & Motivation

Activities and discussions to foster intrinsic motivation and bring meaning to work. Leaders learn to inspire discretionary effort in their teams.

Leading Through Change

Based on the “Be Bamboo” model, this workshop builds resilience, adaptability and emotional intelligence to thrive in disruption.

Self Awareness Group Fun

Using Birkman Basics, large groups use fun activities to learn about themselves and others. Workshop includes extensive reports for personal reflection.

Conference Keynotes

Let us come to your stage to inspire participants and set the tone for an impactful event. Examples from our founder, Shannon Dayhoff, include:

“Confessions of a Terrible Leader”

A relatable, humorous and insightful keynote sharing leadership lessons learned the hard way. Takeaways promote hope, vulnerability, self-awareness and growth mindset.

“Shifting From Inspiration to Motivation”

An interactive session revealing the science of motivation and how to ignite engagement, achievement and passion for meaningful work.

Workshop and keynote outcomes include improved:

Emotional Intelligence

Communication Abilities


Change Leadership Skills

“Our workshop was fun, invigorating and productive, and enabled us to achieve and exceed our goals.”
– Melissa Doreson Marketing Manager