The GVG methodology

Our Philosophy

At GVG, we believe that growth and results require awareness, choice and connection.


Organizations don’t change, people do. Progressive leaders realize this. They know success is based on a combination of personal and professional growth. They realize the future is about connection and collaboration, not cut-throat competition. Our competitors in today’s economy are our partners and customers in other areas of our business, work and life. Progressive leaders know that social responsibility and profit can work together. They know attracting and retaining the best talent requires a workplace with an expansion based, can-do mindset in addition to accountability and results. And the “how” may vary at different points in time, but the “why” is always clear.

At GVG, we don’t just guide you through your change venture; we provide the map to empower you to make the trip yourself, each time the destination changes.

Our Approach



At GVG, we use methodologies and approaches around the ACC Growth Model™. 



This model combines intent, mindset and actions required to bring about long term effectiveness.  It drives fulfillment for the individual along with greater resilience and change adoption rates needed for the organization. This model and others from thought leaders at the edge of humanistic work form a foundation for GVG’s customized approach. From it, more simple and actionable solutions are created to meet individual client needs.