The GVG approach

Our Philosophy

At GVG, we believe that growth and results require awareness, choice and connection.


Organizations don’t change, people do. Progressive leaders realize this. They know success is based on a combination of personal and professional growth. They realize the future is about connection and collaboration, not cut-throat competition. Our competitors in today’s economy are our partners and customers in other areas of our business, work and life. Progressive leaders know that social responsibility and profit can work together. They know attracting and retaining the best talent requires a workplace with an expansion based, can-do mindset in addition to accountability and results. And the “how” may vary at different points in time, but the “why” is always clear.

At GVG, we don’t just guide you through your change venture; we provide the map to empower you to make the trip yourself, each time the destination changes.

“There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.”

—Morpheus, “The Matrix”

C.O.R.E. Values

Our approach supports our C.O.R.E. values as well.

They include:

C – Curiosity with an open mind (versus judgment)

We bring intellectual humility and a growth mindset for always learning and trying new things.

O – Ownership for self and actions

We take personal accountability for our mindset and attitude and the commitments we make to ourselves and others.

R – Respect for others, disagree on issues, not people

Everyone deserves respect just for being human. We value diversity of thought and experiences and recognize there is rarely one right answer to a solution.

E – Empathy and compassion for self and others

We have all come to this world from different experiences. Taking another’s viewpoint is critical for building relationships and connection.