Better Teams

Climb Team “Mountain Modules” Together


Team and leadership practices are at the heart of whether an organization succeeds or fails. 70% of people leave an organization because of their leader (Gallup).

Better team solutions include everything from leadership development to large group virtual workshops to executive and group coaching to team effectiveness workshops. Topics range from psychological safety and trust to communication transparency (especially virtual) to conscious leadership and work practices and many others. The future of work is here. Are you ready?

Popular Journey Module* topics include:

    • #In-It-Together; Developing Trust and Relationships
    • The “Connection Experience”; The Link between Customer Loyalty and Emotional Intelligence
    • Personal Ownership; Moving from Compliance to Ethics Based Action
    • Communication Protocols; How the Best Teams Talk and Work Together
    • Flexible Work; Best Practices in new work models
    • Birkman Basics; Celebrating Differences
    • Birkman Signature; Team Understanding and Dialogue
    • The Five Dysfunctions of a Team Workshop (based on the book)

*Most modules include leadership prep sessions and job aids on how to support teams during this journey module.