Pandemic Resilience Program

Pandemic Fatigue Impacting Your Teams?

Covid-19 has accelerated many work trends and created compounding change, pressures and fear for many of us.

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This can include:

• Working from home, and the overlap of our personal and professional life

• Major changes in all areas of life – work, family, safety, health, community

• Feeling isolated from others, even when we ARE together (#masks #social distancing)

• Fear for safety of self, loved ones and friends

• Taking on new roles and responsibilities (leading remotely, teaching kids)

• Compounded workload because clients are also in a place of fear and uncertainty

• Excitement for all the new innovation, but not sure how to absorb it


Young Woman working at home with children in background

These challenges, along with pandemic fatigue, are very real. So at GVG, we created a turnkey, fast rollout program to help your team members personally deal with all of this change. It brings hands on, highly interactive applications using an audience specific approach. We want to help you not only survive, but thrive during this interesting time! And we make it very easy on your already overwhelmed HR and L&D professionals by providing communication and technology support as part of the roll out.


Pandemic Resilience Program

Objectives of Program

• Develop awareness and compassion for self and others during this time

• Build skills and tools for resilience during massive change

• Drive conversations around personal topics and challenges

• Re-enforce leader skills for the human based approach required to build trust and collaboration for team effectiveness


Unique Program Structure


All components are delivered live virtually using Zoom and managed by GVG facilitators

Holistic system includes leader specific preparation ahead of time, “all hands” large group interactive workshops and small group coaching roundtables

Group coaching provides practical applications of the topic to real problems brought up by the participants and includes wisdom and advice from each other

Program Components

Leader Prep for each
topic with leader aid

Webinar with Handout
(all team members)

Small Group Coaching Sessions
(approx. 10 – 15 people/session)

Potential Structure for a Given Topic

Week One: Leader communication and virtual leader session to introduce topic and job aid and prepare leaders for content coming out the following week (use standing leader meetings where possible – approx. 30-45 minutes)

Week Two: Virtual 60-minute “all hands” interactive workshops using polls, interactive chat activities and Q&A – Max 175 participants per session

Week Three / Four: Leaders follow up in their weekly meeting with the team to discuss topics using job aids and their own notes from the workshop sessions

Small group coaching sessions with GVG facilitation are held. They can be optional first come, first serve or audience specific (i.e. leaders only). They can also be “intact” teams that work together or have the same function for deeper team bonding. Size depends on length.  Ideal is 12 people registered for 75-90 minutes. 60 minutes is also ok with small group.

Click here to download our Pandemic Resilience Program digital brochure.