Learn how GVG can help

GVG services and products bring together purpose, strategy, and people. What makes GVG solutions effective is that they are custom-tailored for each organization and combine the best of traditional knowledge with the newest research and trends for the future.



Examples include:

  • Helping leadership “gel” into a true team
  • Aligning purpose and values to inspire customers and employees
  • Creating strategy with the team to adapt as industry changes
  • Turning that strategy into a plan that drives results
  • Consulting on processes and practices to engage team members
  • Consultative Coaching for greater individual performance and awareness

Some specific solution offers are detailed below.

Purpose, Mission and Values

Purpose is a “hot” topic these days as we are looking for greater meaning in our lives and more connection in the way we work and how we engage.  Understanding how to articulate the shared purpose that drives our collective organization in addition to the values and unique differentiators that make us special are key for engaging our workforce and attracting top talent. GVG can bring clarity and elevate thinking around this topic.


Solutions Include:

  • Facilitation of purpose, vision, mission and values with leadership team including inputs from all team members
  • Surveys and focus groups to understand purpose, core values and the stories that support them
  • Cultural transformation planning for how to operationalize and communicate more clearly

Strategy Development, Planning and Execution

Sometimes it is more important to take a breath and create or assess our strategy or plan versus just barreling ahead.  If we don’t know our desired outcomes or we don’t have a roadmap to get there, the chance of reaching our goals is very low.  GVG offers facilitation and development of organizational strategy based on industry research, stakeholder analysis, creating a clear vision of the future and creating actionable plans.  We work WITH you and your team hand in hand to develop a practical, achievable plan that will get you where you want to go. We can also support you during the execution of the plan, as a compass, that helps you to know whether you are staying on track for success or veering off course.

Solutions include:

  • Workshops to align leadership teams on a strategic direction
  • Development of strategy as a consulting engagement
  • Support and review of strategy to help key individuals ensure nothing is missing
  • Execution planning including communication, team engagement, project workstream development and roadmaps

Conscious Leadership

Thankfully, the leadership methods taught during corporate takeovers in the 80s have started to diminish.  “Suck it up, buttercup” and “leave your emotions at the door” have been shown less than effective in driving employee engagement and productivity.  New research and motivation methods are emerging for leaders that take people into account more holistically and allow for a more productive and effective workforce.  GVG uses cuttingedge research in addition to some old “tried and true” methods to help leaders for this and the next generation flex and support their skills, for their people and for themselves.

Solutions Include:

  • Intrinsic Motivation and Communication and Change Management training and workshops
  • Consulting and education on the future of leadership and the next generation of work

Team Effectiveness and Behaviors

Connection, connection, connection.  Organizations don’t work without the people.  Even with all the automation we have today, long term positive results come from having teams that communicate well and trust each other at their foundation. Research shows that 80% of company value now comes from intangible assets like intellectual property and social capital.  Those assets are driven by people.

Having a diverse team brings about better outcomes, but getting to that place of working well together with a variety of personalities, backgrounds and experiences can be harder than we think. GVG offers highly custom workshops, engagement plans, cultural roadmaps and training programs based on best practices to bring out the best in your team and align around the goal you are trying to achieve.

Solutions Include:

  • Team Dynamics and effectiveness workshops with role / skill gap analysis and accountability behaviors customized to your business
  • Training solutions including large group (100+) conference workshops
  • Change skills for leaders and all team members
  • Consulting on next-generation research regarding the future of work and how to evolve your practices

Consultative Coaching

People often need individual support during times of transition and transformation.  That may require anything from going deep within to understand self better or bringing in a thinking partner” to help with strategy and accountability.  GVG offers a unique lens on this need with Consultative Coaching.  Our certified and highly experienced coaches bring both coaching tools and real world business experience to guide you towards results. With our network of partners and associates, we can find the right coaching fit for you and bring experience to the process.

Solutions Include: 

  • Consultative Coaching for those in leadership roles
  • Birkman and Enneagram assessments for personal awareness
  • Life and career coaching for support in meeting personal goals including productivity challenges and work/life balance