Motivation Modules

Do your people ask to be both inspired AND developed?


Today’s team members expect their organization to support them both personally and professionally. Effective leaders know this. Now GVG can help!

Our “Motivation Modules”:

• Increase interpersonal skills at work and home

• Shift team members to positive, “can do” mindsets

• Teach action-based strategies

• Support team dynamics and group effectiveness

• Provide 21st century leadership behaviors

Motivation Modules are hopeful and inspiring sessions that provide practical strategies for personal and professional development. Some are focused on internal skills like change and motivation. Others are more behavior-based like psychological safety, communication, productivity, and leadership.

They can be used as a series or stand-alone training and tailored to your organization.

Unique Program Structure


Components are live, personal and delivered virtually by GVG facilitators, allowing for the greatest flexibility for your team members and their schedules

Effective leadership skills are re-enforced as a by-product of the “all hands” training process creating a more holistic, applied experience for both leaders and team members

Small team or group coaching creates in the moment, real-time support and connection among team members, building trust and support from each other

How it Works

Motivation Modules have three parts, though some can be used alone.

1. Leadership Prep Sessions
Before any training or facilitation takes place, leaders are given a preview of the materials. They have their own Leader Aid with topic specific quick tips and effective leadership behaviors. This provides a reminder on how to support the topic AND be a better leader for the 21st century.

2. Interpersonal Skills Workshops
In large group settings appropriate for any team member, the research and strategies for the topic are taught in a light, lively and motivational way. Participants engage actively using shared screen Chat functionality, polls, and Q&A. Sessions can hold up to 200 people. Depending on audience size, multiple sessions may be held.

2. Team or Group Coaching Circles
After the skills workshops, small groups come together to get advice and discuss how to apply the skills to real situations they are encountering. This makes the topic more action oriented and brings people together, creating greater trust and connection. Being coached by a GVG facilitator also models good questioning skills and brings in advice from outside of the organization.

Motivation Module Topics

Motivation Modules are meant to be high level, offering an educational “dip” into the topic. The handouts provide research links and information. Deeper dives are available for many topics as part of team working sessions.

The following are a sample of our virtual program topics. For a complete list and descriptions, please contact us.

Potential Structure for a Given Topic

Week One:

  • Leader communication and virtual leader sessions to introduce topic and leader aid
  • Prepare leaders for content coming out next week

Week Two:

  • Virtual 60-minute “all hands” interactive workshops using polls, interactive chat activities and Q&A
  • Max 200 participants per session

Week Three / Four: 

  • Leaders follow up in their weekly meeting with the team to discuss topics using leader aids
  • GVG facilitates small team coaching sessions based on audience or existing teams